Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Arise Balanced Wellness

In the spring of 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting one of the most fascinating women in town. Stephanie had spent the last decade of her life studying the powers of yoga and Ayurveda medicine and now has a bank of knowledge that needs to be shared with the world. In an effort to communicate confidence and professionalism, we began working together to build a visual identity and brand experience from the ground up.




No successful visual identity has ever been created without a proper creative brief. During the discovery phase of our relationship with Arise, we uncovered the specific look, feel, mood, and voice that would be used while Stephanie interacted with clients. In an effort to align the customer experience with the visual identity, we gathered inspiration from a variety of resources and worked in a tandem effort to agree on the creative direction.  

Logo Development

Utilizing the creative brief document for inspiration, our creative team took to the sketchbooks and handcrafted a custom wordmark for Arise. It takes a keen eye for detail and a strategic effort to develop a professional mark that captures the brand's intended tone.  

Essential Collateral

It almost goes without saying that consistency is essential when experiencing a company's collateral. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to leverage your brand and deliver an intentional experience. A healthy combination of creativity and messaging should drive the effort.


It's no question that consumers purchase with their eyes first. We created a series of packaging that work as a system to strengthen the overall appearance of the brand.

Thank you all for sharing your gifts! You have created an image of ‘Me’ that is fitting in many ways. I appreciate your efforts, as well as your talents!

Stephanie Matulle - Owner, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist