Engineered Performance

VL Performance

The goal of re-branding VL Performance was to strengthen the brand with standardization. The VL brand was beginning to expand into more than just a performance shop by adding dealership, apparel, and engineering consulting segments to the company. Our solution was to evolve the current identity while introducing all brand touchpoints to stand together as a unified system to communicate clearly to team members and customers.


When Quill began work with VL Performance, the brand already had a logo and some brand equity to go along with it. It was decided that we should maintain the color scheme, but start from scratch for the design of the logo in order to present the company in the most professional manner possible. An icon was then created to be used strategically throughout the company's products and collateral. One of the biggest differentiating features of this company from others in the area is that they have multiple mechanical engineers on staff, making them the most accredited automotive performance shop in the region. We found it important to introduce the tagline "Engineered Performance."

Clean & Consistent

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding. Repetition when placing brand elements is only the beginning. When the visual identity portion of the project was finished, we sat down with the VL Performance team and briefed them on the importance of being a brand ambassador not only across all touchpoints, but throughout the customer experience. It's more impactful when a brand grows from the inside out. Everyone should be proud knowing that the logo is only a small symbol representing the excellence of VL's Engineered Performance. 

Brand Flexibility

One of the most important features of the VL brand is that it has room to grow. As the company expands into automotive sales and engineering consulting they can utilize the flexibility built into the visual identity to maintain recognition and leverage the equity already established with the performance side of the business. 

Proudly Displayed

Anyone who sports the VL brand is proudly on another level in comparison to those doing their own performance upgrades or working with other regional performance shops. When someone shows up at the track with a vehicle that's adorned with the VL badge, others take notice. In Northeast Wisconsin, everyone in the auto performance industry knows of VL Performance. If you're not aware of the brand now, you will be when you see that badge pass you. 

Brand Essentials

As a part of any branding project completed by Quill Creative, the client receives what we coin as "brand essentials." These are the basics of the visual identity system to make sure you're always presented professionally. 

Custom Collateral

No visual identity system is complete without professional business cards, a letterhead, envelopes, and informational collateral. This may be the first time that a potential customer encounters the brand, and it's essential to have a clean and reliable first impression.

Brand Guidelines

In order to maintain consistency throughout the visual elements of a brand, we include brand guidelines for every identity that we create. This document contains rules and best practices for ensuring that nothing is misused. It's a lot like having the manual for a car. If you don't have one, it's pretty hard to know how to service the vehicle.