It's Your Dream, We'll Help You See It

Unison Credit Union

Spring is the perfect time of year to spread the word about vehicle loans. Unison partnered with Quill and we worked together to create the perfect message and spread the word. A combination of traditional media paired with some strategically placed digital spots rounded out a successful two month campaign.

Simplify That Message

Our goal is always to simplify and amplify messaging through easy-to-understand concepts. After developing a creative brief that defined our customer, we worked collaboratively with the staff at Unison to create an angle that would work on an emotional level with the customer.

We boiled down the message into a simple takeaway and worked with visual elements to create a campaign that would speak to the audience.

Speak to Your Customer

This campaign stretched beyond the print ads and found a rightful home on a series of local radio stations. We were able to paint a picture with words and invoke emotions through storytelling. To see a billboard is one thing, but to hear an individual's story and how Unison helped make their dreams come true is where we found true success in this campaign. 

Perfect Media Mixed with Modern Design

The design style for this campaign was clean, modern, and simple. This approach was kept consistent across every piece of collateral in this multifaceted campaign. From bus wraps to direct mail pieces, the simplicity of the campaign cut through the clutter and hit home with thousands of adults in the greater Fox Valley area.