Finding Support with Pillars


As of October 1, 2018, The Fox Valley Warming Shelter, Homeless Connections, and Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities merged for the purpose of creating a more streamlined experience for those in need. The three organizations came together to become Pillars. Pillars stand the test of time and are a solid structure that will hold up our community for generations to come. We played an important role in the merger by developing a name, brand, and visual identity for the new organization.

Standing Together

The legacy of the three organizations is filled with success stories. Homeless Connections was formed in 1981 as an emergency shelter for those experiencing homelessness in the Fox Cities. In 1986, the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities opened their doors to enhance the dignity and independence of families by providing quality, affordable homes and exceptional supportive services. In 2008, the Fox Valley Warming Shelter opened their doors and served close to 600 individuals annually. These three organizations leveraged each other's strengths by working in tandem in order to provide assistance for those in need.

Three Become One

We worked closely with the merger action team and facilitated numerous fact-finding sessions with team members, clients, and community partners to uncover the essence of the organizations. Through our conversations, we discovered a common theme that connected us to the naming solution. 

When the organizations come together for a combined effort, they can accomplish great things. They will, without a doubt, stand the test of time and be a solid structure that will hold up this community for generations to come. As the community grows, it's inevitable that the need for support will grow. The newly merged effort will stand tall and never crumble under the weight.

Supportive Brand Elements

When it comes to launching a new brand, it's essential that every piece of the puzzle is in place and looking sharp. The collaboration and effort that happened behind the scenes on behalf of Quill, as well as Pillars, was nothing short of incredible. From printed collateral to digital touchpoints, we addressed everything that would represent the organization. 

The Quill team was creative, professional, and they clearly understood the bigger picture of our merger and rebrand. They adapted well to a changing environment and were solid partners with us on this project.

Joe Mauthe - Executive Director

A Prideful Brand Mission

The success of the organization comes from the Pillars team. It's the responsibility of the team to represent the brand with pride and always be focused on the customer experience. The strong brand identity is only there to represent the greater effort that supports this community that needs them.

From homelessness to coming home, Pillars provides shelter, support, and solutions to address the housing needs in our community.