Beer Based on Time-Honored Recipes

Pigeon River Brewing Company

When you have an amazing skill, it's best to share it. When that skill involves brewing delicious beer, you'd better share it with Wisconsin. Pigeon River Brewery partnered with Quill and set the goal of creating a visual identity for the brewery that could match the quality of the liquid being brewed.

Working as a System

When we first sat down to develop the Pigeon River brand, we took a hard look at what was going on in the craft beer world and realized that we needed to connect with the consumers on a different level. Being a tight-knit family is a huge part of the Pigeon River brand and with every family comes a slew of inside jokes. We've incorporated subtle hints towards them in each of the beer identities. 

We set the goal to create a visual system that would be strong enough to stay true to the brand, yet flexible enough to leave room for future creativity.

Nice Package

It's no question that consumers purchase with their eyes first. We created a series of packaging that work as a system to strengthen the overall appearance of the brand. We didn't stop there because each beer has its own identity complete with a full backstory.

Is there really a beer called Wet Willy? Why yes, yes there is.  

Connect and Communicate

It's important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. For Pigeon River Brewery, we use a healthy combination of traditional and digital outlets to communicate with current and potential customers. A robust communications plan keeps everyone on track and in tune with the brand.

Get Social

One of the cornerstone platforms that we use to connect and communicate with the Pigeon River customers is through social media. We develop and update content frequently to engage the audience and keep them craving Pigeon River products. 

Distribution Assistance

Due to our extensive knowledge of the beverage distribution industry, we are able to assist with a lot more than just creating nice looking packaging. In our relationship with Pigeon River, we are regularly leaned on for assistance with programming, salesman incentives, and the creation of materials to use in the market.