Oshkosh Country Club

Oshkosh Country Club

The goal for re-branding Oshkosh Country Club was to re-position the club in the minds of the Greater Oshkosh Community. Now that the club is under new ownership, big changes are on the horizon. A refreshed look that gives a rightful nod to the rich history of the club is the foundation for the new brand.

Rich History

While doing research before starting the brand refresh, it was uncovered that the club is full of rich history dating all the way back to 1899. To pay tribute to those roots, we decided to utilize it as elements throughout the new brand. The challenge was to incorporate historic images in a modern way. 

Logo Update

The old country club logo had been around for decades and was in need of an update. A modern monogram with a throwback feel was developed to give a forward-thinking presence while still paying tribute to the history of the club.

Clean Presentation

The visual design elements that were created to accompany the new logo are kept clean and consistent on every brand touchpoint. A modern layout and typographic style complement the image treatments to bridge the connection between the old and the new. 

Beyond Print

When developing a visual identity system, it's important to think about the digital side of things. A consistent layout style and presentation across web, social media, company collateral, and informational documents were all addressed to that the power of the new brand would shine through everywhere. 

They got to know us on a personal level to really determine what we were looking for in our quest for new branding. To be quite frank, we had no clue what we wanted, we just needed change, and they knocked it out of the park!

Steve Gabelbauer - General Manager