Events Belong In Event City

Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau

The mission of the Oshkosh CVB is to promote Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Event City and Winnebago County as a premier destination for corporate, sports and leisure groups and individual visitors. One of the largest poles in the tent is corporate meetings and conventions. We partnered with the team at the CVB and developed a campaign complete with creative, messaging, and implementation strategies that are geared towards improving the awareness of Oshkosh as a business destination, increase sales development opportunities, and improve the customer experience. 

Truthful Foundation

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Oshkosh for various events. Something exciting seems to be going on every week. There truly is something for everyone in Oshkosh. As we worked to develop messaging for the new campaign, we thought that it would only be proper to root the messaging in the truth. 

  • Every time you come back to town, there's something new to discover
  • Oshkosh has big city amenities without the big city headache
  • There's a trusted track record with events of all sizes

Oshkosh is the home of the ticket. We hold the ticket to "it," and what "it" means, is different for everyone. 


Let's Get Social

In an effort to incorporate campaign messaging on social media platforms. We worked to create a library of graphics that can be implemented by the Oshkosh CVB team at their own free will. A healthy combination of pro-tips, testimonials, fun facts, and featured amenities will augment the straightforward campaign messages by establishing the CVB as experts in their field. Having a healthy presence on social media platforms gives your customers a sense of trust.

We have been very pleased with the transparency and open lines of communication with everyone on the Quill team. Quill delivered the fresh ideas and creative design we have been looking for. Their customer-first approach has exceeded our expectations.

Amy Albright - Executive Director