You and your pool mean the world to us.

After decades of success with ecommerce, a company out of Chicago, IL was working to pinpoint what was holding their company back from reaching the next level. They had a successful business model and happy customers, but something was missing.

The products and customer service were on point but the perception of the company was being held back by their out-of-date brand identity and website design. Our task was to create a brand that would take them to the next level.

With a firm understanding of their customers, we chose to position the brand as an energetic and dependable resource for those wanting to improve their backyard pool experience. This led to the development of a new slogan. “You and your pool mean the world to us.” Pairing that position for messaging with an updated visual identity solution laid the foundation for all future branded assets.

Today, LinerWorld is driving their ecommerce business through an updated website, refreshed digital marketing assets and are now viewed as an industry leading brand to pool owners nationwide. Sales have increased by double digits in comparison to past years which proves that the brand is on the right path for success.