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Fifth Ward Brewery

Their passion lies in exploring the boundaries of tradition and style. Respect for tradition guides the process of designing new recipes, while our curiosity for learning new techniques and trying new ingredients drives them to step outside the bounds of what is considered typical in craft beer.

Utilizing a culinary background, they build recipes from the bottom up. The layering of flavors allows each ingredient to shine in its own respective way, while all combining to create a fantastic final product.


When Quill began work with the brewery, they already had a logo and some brand equity to go along with it. It was decided that we should retain the overall look and feel of the logo and make some slight adjustments to clean its appearance to allow for variations. A seal was also created to be used strategically throughout the brewery and collateral.

Dynamic Layout

When we set out to create the packaging for Fifth Ward, we knew that it needed to be modern and dynamic. Using bold colors that grab your attention, huge descriptions to showcase the specifics of the beer, and detailed illustrations to keep you engaged, we aimed to create a packaging system that's a pleasure to interact with time and time again. 

Its What's Inside that Counts

The most important thing when it comes to great beer is the ingredients. We took to the sketchpad and created a unique identity for each of the three core beers that Fifth Ward is placing into market. With the core concept revolving around "what's in the glass," each illustration has its own story that matches the one-of-a-kind illustration. The packaging pairs well with the beer and is bold with a no-nonsense approach.

Tap That

In order to follow suite with the brewery packaging, we created collars to mark the kegs as well. Each collar is complete with dates which are marked by the brewery for quality assurance and the glass illustration to communicate the preferred serving vessel. 

Quill was able to take our brand and really make it come alive. In a market as competitive as craft beer, we are confident that what Quill has created will timelessly stick out against the competition and lend a real sense of quality and credibility to our products.

Ian Wenger - Co-owner