Your Guide Through the ServiceNow Platform


A team of Enterprise IT Service Management Consultants came to us with the need to elevate the appearance of their brand. A sudden growth of the company made them realize that their company was lacking the professionalism it desired. In an effort to present a more professional outward appearance to the customer, we developed a visual identity system that is masculine, modern, stable, and sexy. 

Identity Essentials

Every item representing the company is an opportunity to make a great impression. We chose to have the AJUVO business cards printed on extra thick cardstock and hit with raised spot gloss so that they would stand out from the rest once they hit the Rolodex. 

As a part of their identity, a system of icons was created to be used throughout their sales materials and presentation documents.

Presentation Materials

As a part of their identity package, AJUVO received branded Powerpoint templates, a sales deck, letterhead template, team member profile packet, icon set, photo set, email signatures, and social media imagery. There's nothing more powerful than a fully polished visual identity package. 

Quill did the impossible for our startup, and created an identity for us in less than 90 days! Our customers love the brand, and our competitors are jealous of it.

Greg Downer - Managing Partner