We're brand-focused.

We develop brands and messaging to help our clients stand out, connect with customers, and remain relevant

We’re a creative agency that partners with business leaders who aren’t afraid to be inspired and take their company to a whole new level. We aren’t your typical full-service agency who claims to know and do it all. We focus our attention on your brand and strive to bring out the best that can be offered. Through creative partnerships, we can oversee projects ranging in size from focused collateral pieces all the way to a complete repositioning and branding of complex products and services.

Featured Case Study

Pigeon River Brewing

  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Package Design

When you have an amazing skill, it's best to share it. When that skill involves brewing delicious beer, you'd better share it with Wisconsin. Pigeon River Brewery partnered with Quill and set the goal of creating a visual identity for the brewery that could match the quality of the liquid being brewed.…

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How We Earn Our Keep

Brand Strategy

A successful brand begins with a simple idea. The idea needs to be full of potential to add value to the organization as well as your customer. In order to arrive at that idea, we …

Visual Identity

A visual identity represents the brand across every piece of visual collateral. The key to a successful visual identity is appealing to your customer through visual strength and co…


Advertising is the art of pairing the right message with the right vehicle and sending it roaring down the track. Our process pairs real world statistics with cleaver and clear com…

I knew immediately after our first meeting that Quill Creative was the answer for helping me brand my new business venture!

Bill Verbrick | Owner - The Creeks